Minutes of Meeting for Thursday 15th June 2017 - Gipsy Queen P.H

Present:         Hilary Percival (Chairperson), Philip Sandall (Secretary), Jim Parks (Treasurer), Jan Rapetti, Samantha Pollard.

Apologies:     Claire Percival, Keith Percival

Meeting Opened - The Chairperson opened the meeting at 1936 welcoming all present. 

1.      Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
1a     Heather Ayling Memorial Garden (Interpretation Board) – JPa stated he had no fresh information relating to the board’s delivery date. He had been advised that the frame was complete and powder coated, the delay lying with the graphics artist who is currently involved in large sign-writing job. The secretary advised Peter Chegwyn had forwarded an enquiry from the Ayling family asking for an update on state of play he would respond to this enquiry post meeting. 

1b     Accounts – Details of the current account were tabled.

2.      Volunteer Workdays - (May) volunteers completed litter picking, bramble bashing, tree planting and mowing tasks. (June) a range of park husbandry issues were tabled as potential tasks for this date - some of these subject to any work that might be completed midweek and included park bench and park sign repairs. Other suggestions included hedge trimming adjacent to Cottage Grove and the removal of advertising posters from park fencing.  

3.      Outdoor Gym – the Secretary advised he was working up a funding application to Sport England and had applied for a grant to the Hampshire County Councillor Fund. Councillor Chris Carter replying with a request for further detail.    

4.      Park Furniture - The Chairperson displayed the new flora and fauna interpretation board as produced by Mike Kemp and re-produced on Dibond. JPa agreed to arrange for the purchase of a suitable piece of poly-carbonate sheet to cover artwork. The Chairperson advised KPe had suggested relocating the board when reinstated due to original site becoming somewhat overtaken by tree growth. JPa suggested repairs to the pedestal could be undertaken in the week ahead, subject to other demands. (Post Meeting Note: Following midweek repair action, KPe has arranged online purchase of poly-carbonate)

5.      My Pop Rocks - the Chairperson and Secretary advised of the range of event advertising. All paperwork completed, resources for the day discussed. Lizzy Parker (face painter) has advised Secretary that due to family reasons she is now unable to attend.  

6.      AOB

6a     Scooters on the park - SPo felt this had become less of a nuisance, the Secretary agreed and added that Whitworth Close residents were aware of the item and had noted previously reported mini quad bike being ridden on the road.

6b     ParkFest 17 - The Secretary had received a quote for a minimum donation of £150 for an appearance by Fareham Scout Band - this was considered to expensive, Secretary to contact Big Noise and Pipe and Thistle Bands. SPo asked if we might be interested in a motorbike static display stating she had suitable local contact. The Secretary also identified potential vendors and facilitators who have all shown interest.

6c     Gosport in Bloom - park judging 5th July at 1300.

6d     Heritage Open Days - The Chairperson advised that she had completed the appropriate paperwork and that we would be involved in several one-hour walks on the park during the HOD weekend. The Secretary added the appropriate HOD advertising page was now available on-line to read (http://www.gosportheritage.co.uk/2017-events/).  

6e     Community Resilience Forum - The Secretary gave a brief outline of the first meeting which, he attended on behalf FoLP. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 5th July, 1400-1600 to be confirmed). The Secretary is currently unable to attend on this date and asked if there were any volunteers. Details of the last meeting can be forwarded to anyone interested.

6d     Evelyn Larcombe - the Chairperson tabled a note from ELa (former FoLP Treasurer) daughter thanking us for the card following her recent death. It is the families wish that any donations be given to the Leesland School Swimming Pool fund. A £20 gift was approved with SPo adding a personal donation.  

7.      Diary Dates:     My Pop Rocks 3 Sunday 18th June 2017   

                                   Volunteer Workdays Sunday 25th June & Sunday 30 July 2017        

                                   Gosport in Bloom (Judging Visit) Wednesday 5th July 2017   

                                   Community Resilience Forum Wednesday 5th July 2017 (tbc)       

                                   Committee Meeting Thursday 20 July 2017.