Minutes of meeting for Thursday 16th February 2017 - The Gipsy Queen P.H.

Present: Hilary Percival - Chairperson, Jim Parks - Treasurer, Philip Sandall - Secretary. Keith Percival

Apologies: Claire Percival  

Meeting Opened - The Chairperson opened the meeting at 1935 welcoming all present.

1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

1a Heather Ayling Memorial Garden (Interpretation Board) – JPa advised that he had met with designer to discuss costings and to finalise the design. It had been agreed that a final drawing will be made available before we sign this item off. The Secretary had updated Councillor Peter Chegwyn and Adam Ayling as agreed at the last meeting. Councillor Chegwyn had subsequently approved a further grant for this project. 

1b Accounts – The Secretary had renewed the Public Indemnity Insurance policy as previously agreed.  

2. Volunteer Workdays (January) - the majority of the work completed at this workday was in and around the orchard. In addition members had surveyed the park benches adjacent to the skate park (item 4) and interpretation boards (item 6).

2b February Workday - it was agreed that the priority was with the orchard area and the need to cut away weeds/grass from base of trees and apply fresh mulch. Cutting back overhangs and overgrowth and litter picks back-up tasks.  

3. Outdoor Gym – the Secretary updated the meeting following receipt of information from GBC Planning Department. One objection to the application has been received which prevents their automatic ability to issue a decision. As a result a report has to be circulated to borough councillors who will decide whether the application needs to be heard by Regulatory Board or to approve the Planning Dept. ability to issue a decision under delegated authority. The assigned planning officer hoped to circulate the report in the week commencing Monday 20th February 2017.  

4. Park Furniture - JPa advised that he was still following up on advice that funding was available from the council to facilitate repair/replacement of benches. In addition following the supply of items to Grange Farm he had identified that replacement bench could be sourced for £99.00 each and that same company could supply recycled plastic seat strakes. It was agreed that we could afford these items from our budget and should look at completing own repair/replacement.  

5. Hedge Cutting - JPa to investigate further.  

6. Interpretation Boards -Following further investigation at the January workday, it was agreed the ‘flora and fauna’ board was the priority for repair. JPa agreed to taking a further look at this board to determine whether it could be taken apart to effect repair.  

7. AGM -  The Secretary confirmed that he had issued invitations as previously agreed and circulated the meeting notes. He had contacted David and Samantha Pollard with a view to one/both joining the committee and they had suggested a joint election allowing one or other of them to attend future meetings. All agreed this was a satisfactory situation.  

8. AOB

Fun Sports Day - The Chairperson and Secretary outlined details of a meeting with local resident and park user to stage a fun sports event, this to coincide with residents entry in 2017 London Marathon. As a result the Secretary had completed a GBC SAG notification and was in process of working up an event management plan. Working date for the event was Sunday 30 April 2017. 

9 Diary Dates: Volunteer Workday Sunday 26th February 2017, Annual General Meeting Thursday 16th March 2017, Committee Meeting Thursday 16th March 2017 (on completion AGM)