Minutes of Meeting for Thursday 16th March 2017 - The Gipsy Queen PH

Present:    Hilary Percival-Chairperson, Claire Percival-Vice Chairperson, Jim Parks-Treasurer, Philip Sandall-Secretary, Jan Rapetti, Samantha Pollard, David Pollard, Jennifer Plested, Miles Fletcher.

Apologies: Keith Percival

Meeting Opened - The Chairperson opened the meeting at 20.07.

1.    Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

1a   Heather Ayling Memorial Garden (Interpretation Board) – JPa advised the meeting he had received a detailed line drawing of the interpretation board redesign which, he had forwarded to the Secretary. Action: Secretary to forward details to Peter Chegwyn and Adam Ayling for final approval.

1b  Accounts – No bank statement available see AGM Financial Statement for up to date details.  

2.    Volunteer Workdays (February) -  a large number of volunteers led to significant weed/grass clearance and the topping up of fresh mulch in the orchard. Elsewhere hedge trimming, path clearance and a litter pick took place. March - The main priority will be the completion of the orchard work. JPa advised he had two greengages and some violets for planting. SPo asked about hedge control and in particular in the area adjacent to the allotment boundary.

3.    Outdoor Gym – the Secretary updated the meeting advising the application is currently with councillors who had until March 17th to request item be placed before the Regulatory Board. It is understood that Planning Department support the application and have recommended it be approved.

4.    Park Furniture - JPa advised the information he had supplied at the last meeting re-costing was not appropriate for our needs and that he will circulate fresh information. Some discussion took place on location of any new seats citing the lack of use in current position. DPo asked if there had been any consideration given to painting sensory garden totem markers to make them more visually attractive. The Chairperson informed members that Mike Kemp (Groundwork Solent) has offered to have a look at the flora and fauna interpretation board with a view to repair.  

5.    Hedge Cutting - completed at the February volunteer workday.  

6.    Fun Sports Day - The Secretary reported all paperwork to date has been completed and submitted.Action: Contact Christine Threllfall (GBC) for progress update.   

7.    Dog Mess - Some discussion on this item including potential action was debated

8.    Diary Dates:

Volunteer Workday Sunday 26th March 2017, Committee Meeting Thursday 20th April 2017.

Family Fitness Fun Day Sunday 30th April 2017