Minutes of Meeting for Thursday 17th November 2016 - Gipsy Queen P.H.

Present:       Hilary Percival - Chairperson, Philip Sandall - Secretary, Jim Parks - Treasurer, Jan Rapetti

Apologies:    Claire Percival, Keith Percival

Meeting Opened  - The Chairperson opened the meeting at 1938 welcoming all present.

1.    Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

1a Heather Ayling Memorial Garden Interpretation Board – All present had seen the email from Councillor Peter Chegwyn following his visit with the Ayling family. There was general agreement that the statements contained in the note were disappointing and did not reflect the amount of time and effort individual committee members and volunteers had put into the project. JPa advised he had spoken with designer of the original board following his sighting of PCh’s note and had arranged for new costings. It would appear that it is not possible to convert the current board to a two-legged version as requested by the Ayling family and a new board may well be required. It was agreed the secretary would contact PCh informing him of our concerns, to advise him of our immediate actions, to ask whether additional funding would be available and finally would he liaise with the family for a clear steer on the design and re-location of the sign.   

1b Accounts – £4233.28 as at 03.11.16.  

2.    Volunteer Workday – the October day had seen a good turnout of volunteers allowing a number of tasks to be completed including the installation of the Heather Ayling Memorial Garden Interpretation Board. JPa reported he had recently been on site and with help from mid-week volunteers had chopped and dragged the bramble and damaged trees from the ‘campsite’ previously identified by GBC and discussed at the October meeting. He had also managed to complete some mowing, path widening and bramble flattening work in the meadow on a separate visit. Weather permitting it is intended that volunteers will rake and collect cuttings at the November workday. JPa further advised he may well bring the chipper to this event to facilitate additional clearance work. December workday - it was agreed that we would meet on the 18th for a morning’s work prior to the Father Christmas event. 

3.    Outdoor Gym – the Secretary reported that he had met with a GBC Planning Officer where some unforeseen concerns in relation to installation measurements had left the Secretary with a bit more work to do. Subsequent on-site meetings with KPe and Greg Ball (Calloo) had resolved this issue and at time of meeting the Secretary was due to meet with planning official on Friday 18.11.16. The paperwork serving notice on the council stating we are intending to build on council owned land has however been served and acknowledged. 

4.    ParkFest17 - The Secretary advised that following negotiations with the band he had booked Mista Messy as the headline act and set the date for Saturday 23rd September 2017. In fixing the date he had contacted Carolyn Rainey (Ben’s Snack Shack) and Jeremy Gaskill (Winchester Vintage Catering) to check their availability, both happy with this date. The Secretary further reported that he had been contacted by Nacho King who had in turn been advised by Sue Butler (Gosport and Fareham Environmental Services) that we had been looking for alternative caterer (this relating to ParkFest 16 requirements), 

5.    AOB  

5a Gosport Voluntary Action - the Chairperson and Secretary had both attended the Gosport Community Voice Forum meeting the previous day where they had expected to hear further details of the community event and grant application process. This however was not on the agenda although the Chairperson advised she had previously provided some details of costing to Jules Ward (GVA) who had subsequently advised that a funding application had been processed. The Chairperson and Secretary provided a brief synopsis of the Community Voice event.  

5b Santa’s in the Park -  the Secretary reported he had as agreed at the last meeting contacted Motiv8 South but had not heard back from them. He suggested he should also contact St Vincent College with offer to provide musical support. Waste/litter collection arranged with Alan Wheeler (GBC).  

5c Gosport Tourist Information Office - the Secretary reported he had received an email from this organisation advising that the 2017 Heritage Days weekend would be themed around parks and open spaces and that they were collating details of who looked after Gosport’s parks.   

6.    Diary Dates:  

Volunteer Workdays:    Sunday 29th November 2016 / Sunday 18th December 2016

Committee Meeting:     Thursday 15th December 2016

Santa's In The Park:     Sunday 18th December 2016