Minutes of Meeting for Thursday 19th January 2017 - Gipsy Queen P.H.  

Present: Hilary Percival (Chairperson), Jim Parks (Treasurer), Philip Sandall (Secretary), Jan Rapetti, Keith Percival

Apologies: Claire Percival (Vice Chairperson)

Meeting Opened - The Vice Chairperson opened the meeting at 1935 welcoming all present.

1.   Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

Meeting Opened - The Chairperson opened the meeting at 1938 welcoming all present.

1.   Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

1a  Heather Ayling Memorial Garden (Interpretation Board) – JPa had previously circulated a quote from Lucas Fernleigh Ltd for the redesigned board. This was discussed and while more expensive than expected, it was agreed there is little we can do about this. JPa has requested confirmation of finish and will check final details with company. Ahead of any confirmed order we will need a design/drawing from LF ltd which can be shared with Councillor Peter Chegwyn and Adam Ayling. It was further agreed that the Secretary should update Peter Chegwyn with details and to request £500 towards the purchase price of replacement board. 

1b  Accounts – £3,953.28 as at 03.01.17.

ii The Secretary reported receipt of a payments notification of £250 from Hampshire County Council - this has subsequently been identified as coming from Councillor Christopher Carter. The Secretary has sent a thank you note advising the grant will be put towards the running costs of ParkFest 17.

iii Public Indemnity Insurance - the Secretary had received notification from Tennyson that our policy was subject to renewal from 30/01/17. The cost for a further year = £198 which, includes IPT at 10% (£18). It was agreed we should renew the policy.

2.   Volunteer Workdays (December) - a number of light tasks completed ahead of the days main event (see item 2b).       

2b  Santa’s In The Park - All agreed the event had been a great success with 129 free gifts handed out. Feedback from visitors had been very positive, free hot drinks and musical entertainment (Motiv8) much appreciated.           

2c  January Workday - clear weeds and mulch the fruit trees in orchard area.

3.   Outdoor Gym – the Secretary advised the planning permission item was still out to public consultation. Twenty comments had been lodged online with the majority of people adding their support for the project. An application for funding to the People’s Health Trust had been turned down the project not meeting the trust’s outline aims.  

4.   A.O.B.

4a  Wassailing - good attendance and noisy activity. 

4b  Park Furniture - JPa advised that following advice from Ian Marriott (GBC) the Countryside section had visited the park and subsequently removed one of the small benches adjacent to skate area. This bench and one other considered to present Health and Safety issues, the second bench was repairable. JPa understood there was money in council budget for replacing/updating these items. Secretary to contact Streetscene for details.  

4c  Hedge Cutting - The Countryside Section  has made a request to council for contractor to trim the hedge in the area adjacent to the Sensory Garden. 

4d  Interpretation Boards - JPa explained that there is currently an ongoing council project looking at repairing/updating interpretation boards across the borough. Councillor Peter Chegwyn had also suggested our Heritage Trail board is in need of repair. It was agreed we should look at this board, the above hedge and park furniture during the course of the next volunteer work day. 

4e  AGM -  Chairperson to provide Secretary with 2016 report. The Secretary to arrange invitations to ward councillors, Streetscene and park volunteers. 

5.   Diary Dates:

Volunteer Workday:         Sunday 29th January 2017

Committee Meeting:        Thursday 16th February 2017

Annual General Meeting: Thursday 16th March 2017