Minutes of Meeting for Thursday 19th October 2016 – Gipsy Queen P.H

Present:        Hilary Percival – Chairperson, Claire Percival – Vice Chairperson, Philip Sandall - Secretary, Jim Parks - Treasurer
                      Keith Percival, Jan Rapetti

Meeting Opened - The Chairperson opened the meeting at 1929 welcoming all present.
Minutes of Last Meeting and Matters Arising
The Chairperson opened the meeting at 1929 welcoming all present. 

1.      Minutes of last meeting and matters arising  

1a     Heather Ayling Memorial Garden (Interpretation Board) – JPa reported that the interpretation board was now at Grange Farm and ready for installation. Payment details arranged and acknowledged. The Chairperson advised she would continue to liaise with family over the installation date which, is currently planned for the October Volunteer Workday.        

1b    Accounts – £5055.81 as at 03.10.16.   

2.      Volunteers Workday – (October) JPa reported that while he had started to look at winter planning this had been overtaken by complaints to the council of bonfires on the park. Following council inspection, 2 adults had been identified as having created considerable damage on the park by cutting down and burning trees. JPa hoped to revisit the site ahead of the workday to action some of the damage as well as follow up on previous heavy machinery work with the mid-week volunteers.  Subject to agreement/weather conditions main tasks would be installation of the HAMG Interpretation Board (see 1a above)and cut and collect in the conservation meadow. 

3.      Outdoor Gym – Nothing new to report.  

4.      ParkFest16 - All agreed with the Chairperson’s assessment that in spite of the planning problems encountered this year the event had gone off extremely well. The Secretary reported he had written to thank all vendors/bands etc for their involvement and had received apologies for the unexpected absences.  

Event Income - Accounts -  ParkFest 16 has generated the following income to date: £260 from bar sales, £195 from donations, £22.10p Fair Trade Tea and Coffee sales and £10 from the dog show. The Secretary advised the meeting that Aerial Direct had placed an article and photograph of his collecting the sponsorship cheque on their company blog (www.aerial-direct.co.uk/about-us/blog/parkfest-2016/). 

Storage - JPa advised that gazebo and resources now stored in the long barn at Grange Farm. 

Note of thanks - KPe wished to record a vote of thanks to everyone involved with the event but in particular to Gill Hindson who the following morning tidied the site and re-bagged our litter after the foxes had been at the bags and the Secretary for his overall involvement.   

5.      AOB  

5a    Gosport Voluntary Action - the Chairperson reported that Jules Ward (GAVA) had contacted her to advise that they were in the process of forwarding a community grant application (see August 2016 Meeting Notes)    

5b    Santa’s in the Park -  the Chairperson asked if the group were in favour of running this event again pointing out that we still have enough gifts in reserve. All in favour, the Secretary adding he had started the application process with a SAG notification submitted.  

5c    Gosport Festival - The Secretary reported that Jeremy Gaskin (Winchester Vintage Catering) had contacted him to say he was trying to resurrect the festival and had a provisional booking on Walpole Park for the weekend 8/9/10 September 2017. He hoped this would not clash with any plans we had for next year. 

5d    Gosport Tourist Information Office - the Secretary advised he has arranged for details of our workdays to go in the recurring events section of this monthly guide.  

6.      Diary Dates

Volunteer Workday      Sunday 30 October 2016 

Committee Meeting     Thursday November 2016

Santa’s in  the Park     Sunday 18 December 2016