Minutes of Meeting for Thursday 20th July 2017 - Gipsy Queen P.H.

Present:        Hilary Percival - Chairperson, Philip Sandal – Secretary, Jim Parks - Treasurer, Keith Percival, David Pollard.
Apologies:    Jan Rapetti, Claire Percival

Meeting Opened - The Chairperson opened the meeting at 19.36 welcoming all present.  

1.  Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

1a Heather Ayling Memorial Garden (Interpretation Board) – JPa advised he had managed a short exchange with his Lucas Fernleigh Ltd contact who had suggested delivery of the finished board was he believed imminent.   

1b Accounts – an up to date statement was tabled.

2.   Volunteer Workdays - (June) volunteers installed new Leesland Park wooden sign, completed a litter pick and bramble bashing tasks. (July) plans include the re-installation of the flora and fauna information board, buddleia and bramble cutbacks and a litter pick as appropriate. The Chairperson advised that CHAT volunteers have a litter pick planned for Sunday 23.07.17. DPo highlighted state of the dilapidated noticeboard at Cottage Grove gate and asked if we could perhaps renovate/use ourselves. It was agreed we could look at this during the workday.  

3.  Outdoor Gym – the Secretary advised he now had 3 grant applications completed and submitted and several others in the course of being worked up. He advised that we were prevented from applying to a number of popular streams at this time due to issues like having 20% funding in place, land ownership and letters of consent. Following Councillor Chris Carter’s request for further details the Secretary had supplied these but had not heard any more from that source. The Secretary again suggesting that some financial success might be needed to gain County Councillor support. A number of fund-raising ideas were suggested including crowd-funding and approaching local business for sponsorship.     

4.  Park Furniture - JPa reported that the restoration and update to the flora and fauna information board and pedestal had been completed and that subject to final weather sealing was ready to be re-installed. He further advised that the fire/barbecue damaged park bench had been repaired and that he had reached agreement on being able to cannibalize old benches at Grange Farm for their plastic seating strakes for our benches.   

5.  My Pop Rocks - all agreed the event had been a success with more than 100 attending at any one time. The Secretary reported he had sent thank you emails to both Shep Woolley and St Vincent’s 6FC. 

6.  AOB

6a Scooters on the park - DPo advised he continues to hear them.  

6b ParkFest 17 - The Secretary updated the meeting on recent developments - this included further negotiations with the Scout Band however, nothing heard since making a donation offer. In the interim he had emailed the Big Noise Samba Band and Pipe and Thistle Bands for their availability - Big Noise happy to appear. The Royal British Legion Riders had confirmed they were interested in staging a static display. While an initial discussion had taken place with John Reilly (Kids Party Mascots) the Secretary advised he had heard nothing further and no reply from JRe following invitation to attend committee meeting. It was agreed that Chairperson/Secretary would try contacting. The Chairperson further agreed to contact Lauren Miller regarding the Dog Show element. KPe to arrange portable generator hire. 

6c It’s Your Neighbourhood - The Chairperson had met with the judge who had picked up on previous issues ie lack of noticeboards and litter and did not seen to appreciate that we do not have power over the council to improve these issues. It was suggested that we share the follow up report with council contractor to highlight the litter problem.   

6d Heritage Open Days - Secretary to chase up park history with Whitworth Close resident.  

6e Community Resilience Forum - Nil representation at the last meeting, the Secretary had sent an apology, he anticipated that he would be in a position to attend the next meeting.  

7.  Diary Dates:     Volunteer Workdays Sunday 30 July 2017 and Sunday 27 August 2017

                               Summer Passport Scheme Visit Wednesday 16 August 2017

                               Committee Meeting Thursday 17 August 2017

                               Community Resilience Meeting (GVA) Thursday 31 August 2017 

                               Gosport Heritage Open Days Thursday 07-Sunday 10 September 2017

                               ParkFest17 Saturday 23 September 2017