From Mighty Oaks to Park particular tree's story.

As part of our project to replace the rapidly deteriorating 'soundseat' in the park's orchard with an oak bench of rural design, we thought it would be fun to share the journey one English oak will be making to fulfill this plan. Our story began when the Friends of Leesland Park reached agreement that the current seat was beyond repair and that we needed to look at how best to replace it.It was decided we would make a funding bid to the Gosport Borough Council Youdecide fund to help with the project. In preparing our application bid, we approached Andy Barker (/ who having heard of our plan kindly offered a suitable length of English oak for the bench's seating surface.

With funding in place (thanks to everyone who voted for us) members of the committee were invited to meet Andy and our donor tree. And that is exactly what it was 20 plus feet of oak lying where it had been felled (the latter for safety's sake). The following photograph our first view of our prospective bench. Even at this stage Andy's team had been forced to strim nature's incursion back to allow access to the tree. 


The following photographs show how our tree is giving up an appropriate amount of timber for the bench


Update - Saturday 6th December 2014
Stage 2 of our major project to build a new rural style oak bench in the parks orchard area. Having been advised by Andy Barker that the timber was now ready for collection we had to consider how best to extract a not inconsiderable load from where it lay in the grounds of Fairthorne Manor to Gosport. Enter Newtown Motors and an offer to move the timber using their breakdown recovery truck. The pictures tell the story - next up the demolition of the old seat and a cunning plan to dispose of the ballast from that job.. 



After all that effort - safe arrival at Grange Farm, Gosport


Update Sunday 29th March 2015
While we have yet to start on the installation of the new seat we did make giant strides on Sunday in preparing the site with the aid of the Women Who Do Demolition. Suitably tooled up and stoked with a fierce determination the existing structure never stood a chance. Acting in a suitably environmental manner the ballast from the old seat now resides at the bottom of a new memorial garden item providing the appropriate drainage factor.



And then there was nothing! What was once believed to be the only structure in Gosport that could be seen from the Space Station has been well and truly demolished in readiness for the new rural oak seat.